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Neopath Health

 NeoPath Health empowers organizations with independent primary care clinics that provide easy, affordable access to healthcare for individuals and families. They wanted a flexible display that would function well in traditional trade show environments, but would also be able to be reconfigured into a kiosk for smaller corporate presentations and patient registration events. Each configuration would need to be installed quickly and easily by NeoPath staff, preferably with no tools. The design needed to incorporate a clean, uncluttered design that would pair well with their updated branding and broader marketing strategy and would also need to support display monitors and mobile devices as needed. Lite (www.thatlitething.com) was the ideal solution for NeoPath Health, meeting all of their current and future needs extremely well.





Eagle Brook Church

Eagle Brook Church was looking for several custom kiosk solutions for use in their newest campus. They had needs for informational kiosks that support literature and technology. In addition an electronic check in station for kids and volunteers and a unique giving station, incorporating the familiar look and feel of an ATM. Each of the kiosks required interactive technology to be seamlessly integrated into the display, while also complimenting the interior colors and finishes of the campus itself. Hidden casters were placed beneath each kiosk to allow for easy movement and storage within the building.


Vascular Solution


JAMF Software

JAMF Software wanted a unique, eye-catching exhibit environment that would feature their brand effectively and also have a lower cost of ownership than their previous custom exhibit. We utilized Lite (www.thatlitething.com) to create a large, welcoming environment that incorporated a group presentation area and a semi-private meeting area within the 20x20 space. It also needed to support technology easily and have the ability to customize and change our graphics and messaging based on their audience. The Lite solution fit the bill perfectly with it’s flexible, lightweight panel system that can easily support monitors, tablets and other accessories. The panels can also be magnetized so the graphics can be simply applied to the panels and changed out as needed, even during the show to create a new look or message each day of the show or event. Finally, the cost of ownership for this 20x20 exhibit solution is a fraction of other common modular exhibit systems, due to it’s light weight, tool-less assembly, and graphic flexibility.






RWL Water

RWL Water wanted a flexible exhibit solution that had a strong, substantial appearance for their brand while also being easy to reconfigure, both structurally and graphically. We designed a flexible, lightweight 30x30 extrusion-based exhibit solution featuring  large, double sided towers with tension fabric graphics for great sightline visibility on the show floor with tower and floor lighting to accentuate the graphics. In addition to a large locking storage room, we incorporated a semi-private, covered lounge area that facilitates comfortable conversation with attendees and also supports their technology and media needs. The exhibit structure is scalable from the 30x30 configuration shown down to a 10x20 and 10x10 inline exhibit as well.